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The Grievance Redressal Cell of Assam Don Bosco University was initially set in 2010 to address the grievances of the students. Subsequently a Grievance Redressal Cell was set up as advised by the IQAC of ADBU for the whole fraternity of students, faculty and members of staff, so as to give everyone a chance to raise genuine grievances in order to avoid any kind of unhappiness leading to detrimental situations.

In case of members of the faculty or other staff, any sort of grievance may be submitted to the Principal/Director of constituent unit through respective Heads of Departments or immediate administrative authority. In case of individual students, any grievance may first be discussed at the mentor level, which if not sorted out may be forwarded to the respective Heads of Departments. However, if the issue still remains unresolved it may be formally informed to the Principal/Director by the mentor, Head of Department or concerned students.

On receipt of any representation, the Principal/Director will call a meeting of the Grievance Redressal Cell. This meeting will discuss the pros and cons of the issues involved to resolve it through a legitimate decision. Such action may involve some corrective action or negotiation and counselling to the aggrieved person or group.

However, if any issue remains still unresolved, the same may be forwarded by the Principal/Director to the Board of Management of the University for a final decision.

The composition of the Grievance Redressal Cell is as follows:


Fr. Joseph Nellanatt (Pro Vice Chancellor, ADBU)


  • Fr. Francis Fernandez (Campus Minister, DBCET)
  • Fr(Dr) Biju Michael (Registrar, ADBU)
  • Prof. Manoranjan Kalita (Principal, DBCET)
  • Dr. Riju Sharma (Director, DBISS)
  • Mr. Chandan Dutta (Asst. Professor, DBIM)
  • Dr. Monmoyuri Baruah (Asst. Professor, DBCET)
  • Ms. Jhimli Das (Asst. Professor, DBCET)

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