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At the Assam Don Bosco University, we firmly believe in holistic development of our students. Education, for us, is only one aspect of overall student development. Sports and recreation are the two pillars that give shape to a complete being. That's why ADBU gives as much impetus to sports and recreation as to academics. The University boasts of a football ground, 5 Basketball Courts, 3 Indoor Badminton Courts, 3 Volleyball Courts, 10 Outdoor Badminton Courts, Gymnasiums, Table Tennis Rooms in the campuses.


Sport not only nurtures healthy competition among students, but also teaches them the art of controlled aggression. It fosters team spirit and imparts leadership skills. Playing a sport is also one of the most enjoyable ways to stay fit and keep the kilos at bay.


Recreation, on the other hand, is necessary for survival in today's fast-paced world. When students spend time on an activity outside the classroom, it helps them beat anxieties related to academic performance, separation from loved ones, social and peer pressure, low confidence and poor self-image.


We also have a sports club aimed at finding and harnessing talented sportspersons among our students. The university holds annual sports events and participates in various inter-college tournaments in a wide range of sports including track and field

We've also made provisions for music and spiritual healing in addition to forming literary, music & dance, dramatics and arts & crafts clubs for students to engage in activities they enjoy and feel passionate about.


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