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The Department of Psychology and Counselling of the University has always been devoted to the practice of psychological counselling with a view to promoting community mental health and psychosocial competence in order to foster cohesion in society. In collaboration with the Department of Social Work, the Department of Psychology and Counselling has initiated a Community Counselling Cell for the communities which surround the campus of the University to render mental health services to the university students, employees and neighboring communities of the campus. Since its inception, it has initiated various intervention programs to spread awareness inside and outside the campus.


Objectives of the Center are the following:

  • To spread Mental Health Awareness.
  • To spread awareness about the relevance of counselling and its benefits.
  • To identify the psychological and mental health problem areas existing among the University community and communities in the surrounding villages of the University.
  • To provide counselling services and mental health consultancy to the University community and communities in the surrounding villages of the University.
  • To facilitate necessary referral.

The Cell has conducted Awareness Programs on Substance Abuse and Child Development, Mobilisation for awareness program on Cancer, Life skills training to University Café staff, Student initiated awareness programs on Stress, Suicide prevention, Substance abuse, Emotion Regulation and Relationship management. The Cell has been actively rendering Counseling Services to the University Community since its establishment. Through this Cell, the Department of Psychology and Counseling aims to provide free counseling services specially to the youth and adults inside and around the campus. This in turn can aid them in handling their personal or professional problems, which otherwise may be very adverse for them. The service will help them to cope with frequently reported issues like stress, substance abuse, aggression, violence and other mental health issues. The Cell is also capable of assistance through family interventions like marital counseling, premarital counseling, parenting etc.

In 2020, the Centre took initiative towards promoting mental health during the Pandemic, by providing tele-counselling sessions through DHARA HELPLINE, to COVID-19 front liners, the general public, and the students. Along with this, they collaborated with other Departments/Unit like Unnat Bharat Abhiyan and Department of Mass Communication, Assam Don Bosco University to release students led initiatives like creating awareness through the Official YouTube Channel, ADBU Guwahati. These multimedia based initiatives included tips/tactics on self care and workload management during the Pandemic.


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